Online Money Method Experience Sharing

Online Money Method Experience Sharing

“That’s right. ICL’s promotional video might be perfect, cool, and outstanding in all aspects, but its filming idea is still based on the old age. It’s trying hard to package the concept of E-Sports to be very high-class. However, this way, it doesn’t seem down to earth and seems very unreal.”

“On the other hand, the documentary ‘Coming Out of the Cocoon Without Becoming A Butterfly’ is a complete victory in terms of depth of thought! It might not look like it had much funding and there are no particularly fancy techniques for filming, it can resonate and be discussed. I can only say that there is a gap between the two standards!”

Zhao Xuming flipped through the comments below the video, his nose almost crooked from anger.

What the f*ck was the difference in standards!

This opponent was not playing by the book!

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The ICL’s promotional video was perfect from a commercial point of view. It was invulnerable and had invested a lot of money. All sorts of details were better than ‘Coming Out of a Cocoon Yet to Become a Butterfly’.

However, who would have thought that Boss Pei would change his mindset!

He was not playing with techniques, he was playing with psychology!

Coming Out of the Cocoon without becoming a Butterfly was equivalent to dissecting the chronic illness within the entire e-sports industry. It exposed the less well-known but objective side of the industry mercilessly.

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If the audience insisted on comparing the ICL promotional video, they would definitely think that the ICL promotional video was fake!

Of course, this comparison in itself did not make sense. The ICL’s promotional video was a legitimate commercial promotional video. It did not make any mistakes. Who did they offend to be compared like this?

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However, Zhao Xuming could not do anything about it since he had no choice. If the audience insisted on comparing.

He looked at the time when the video was released. ‘Coming Out of the Cocoon Without Becoming A Butterfly’ was only half an hour later than the ICL promotional video. It could be said to have been released before and after.

Since they were so close to each other, the audience would definitely discuss the two videos together!

Zhao Xuming gritted his teeth in anger.