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The timing window of『Initial Stiffness』has already passed.

(Allen grew at a frightening rate and has become much stronger than before. Against that guy who controls Allen’s body… Can I hold him back on my own…!?)

What crossed her mind was her two comrades who supported the golden age of Thousand Blade Academy.

(Damn… If only I could borrow their strength…)

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It was unusual for Leia to think of such a timid thing.

That simply speaks to the volume of fear she holds towards the spirit core that slumbers within Allen.

After that,

「Are you…『Allen』?」

Leia, with her resolve prepared, asked Allen.

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「Se-Sensei! And Rose too! I’m so glad that you both are safe!」

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Allen turned to them with a carefree, gentle smile on his face.

「Fuu… Aa, you look to be safe, too.」

Leia breathed a sigh of relief.

And immediately, asked about the black sword.

「By the way, about that black sword, did you really manifest your soul dress?」

「I think it’s probably『a portion』of the soul dress… It’s going to take a long time to manifest a proper soul dress…」