Fujian make money online exchange platform

Fujian make money online exchange platform

Just imagining this cheered Pei Qian up considerably.

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“Should I just wait until the official release of the game? Hmm… I don’t feel safe. Although it’s meaningless to sharpen my spear at the last moment, I must still try.

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“I’ll spend more money while I’m at it.”

Since the official platform had advertised on Pei Qian’s behalf, there was no point in trying to hide the game anymore.

Pei Qian decided to look for other avenues to spend money.

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He accessed Aili Island and found Shaohu Reviews. Pei Qian had decided to buy fake reviewers!

Although the fake reviewers Pei Qian hired from Shaohu Reviews disappointed him before, he could not shift the blame entirely on them. After all, they had been paid to work for him.

If he wanted to closely analyze what went wrong, Pei Qian had to accept a bigger part of the blame.

What’s more, Shaohu Reviews had refunded Pei Qian the one thousand yuan. Pei Qian was extremely satisfied with their attitude.

Since they were so upright, Pei Qian thought they deserved a second chance.

The last time he bought fake reviewers, his plan fell through. This time, Pei Qian had to alter the way he would make use of these fake reviewers.

Whether he would be able to change the outcome or not was another matter; his main priority was not to spend his own money this time. In fact, strictly speaking, his plan technically did not involve buying fake reviewers this time.

If he had a good reason, the system would pay for it!

Pei Qian used Hardcore Reviews’ account to message Shaohu Reviews. Two minutes later, Hu Xiao replied. “Brother, tell me what you need!”

Pei Qian was slightly shocked. This man really surfed Aili Island 24 hours a day. Pei Qian sent Hu Xiao a private message on Aili Island, not on other social media platforms.

Yet, the UP Master of Shaohu Reviews replied so quickly. It proved that he was always keeping an eye on private messages he received on Aili Island.

Of course, he might have been surfing Weibo and other forums apart from Aili Island as well.