What is new in online makeup models?

What is new in online makeup models?

"That's right. It's 'expulsion'".

That penalty, which in itself is no longer a surprise, was revealed.

"Still, it's not like we're going to expel everyone in the large group that places last. Because if we did that then we'd have approximately 40 expelled students on our hands. The criteria by which the expulsion will occur is limited to only the small groups whose average point falls below the borderline average point set forth by the school".

This is a rather troublesome setup. The overall ranking will be calculated from the average points of the large groups yet when it comes to expulsion, it's the average point of the small group that matters.

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"If a small group should happen to fall below that border, then their 'leader' will be expelled".

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"How exactly will that leader be chosen?".

"You will discuss it within your small group in advance and elect one. That's it".

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"What the hell? Who the hell would want to be the leader when expulsion's on the table".

Going forward, I wonder just how many students would volunteer.

"There are upsides to it too. Students who are classmates of the leader will receive double the reward".

"...double, you say?".

Horikita, who had been silent up until now, muttered in surprise.

"That's right. The greatest reward for this special exam would be consolidated by the 12 students from Class C within the group. And the remaining 3 will be drawn from A, B and D each. On top of that, if the leader happens to be someone from Class C and you manage to take 1st place then......".