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Why? Was it because he was handsome? No, I don’t think it’s that simple.

If that was the case, it would’ve been more convenient for Karuizawa-san to maintain her relationship with Hirata-kun, who was more popular.

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So—— was it because Ayanokouji-kun had enough strength to make up for his lack of popularity?

That was the conclusion I reached.

If that’s the case, various things would astonishingly start to fall into place.

Ayanokouji-kun had a sort of relationship with the class leader Horikita-san, as well as one with Hirata-san. There was no doubt that both students thought highly of him. In addition to that, he also seemed to be close to Ichinose-san.

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And previously, during the sports festival, there was his intense race against the student council president Horikita, now that I think of it, it was indeed strange.

In addition to that, Sakayanagi-san organized the entirety of Class A in order to give him protection points.

We thought he was randomly selected for Yamauchi-kun to be expelled, but after that when he took on the role of the commander tower and participated in the competition like that, calling it a coincidence to explain it would be way too lazy.

With so many of these pieces connected, the mysterious existence of Ayanokouji-kun should have been understood by everyone.

However, most students were not aware of this.

But that’s understandable because he basically never showed his true power in public. Although being able to run fast is an outstanding ability, with just this ability alone, only in primary school would he be able to climb up the hierarchy of the class.

For high school students…No, as you moved towards adulthood, communication skills would become more and more important.

Most students who held a high status often had both outstanding abilities and communication skills.

Lacking one of those skills would change completely change the impression you made on others.