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"If an adult does the same thing? That's a crime!".

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"In other words, both peeping and filming it, as long as you're still underage it'll be forgiven. If we don't do it now when will we do it!".

That enthusiasm, without a doubt, struck the hearts of Yamauchi and Sudou. It seems he had enough determination to make those two, who had been feeling guilt over the criminal act, harden their resolve too.

"Are you doing it, Haruki? Whatever happens, happens".

"Y-You're right. Alright, I'm in on Ike's plan".

"Are you guys really fine with it? It's a crime".

No matter how much you sugarcoat it, a crime is still a crime.

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"I've been saying it for a while now, Ayanokouji. Licking a flute is a crime and peeping on someone directly changing is also a crime. If so, then filming that would also equally be a criminal act. But you know, this is youth. Boys peeping on girls changing, you won't get arrested for it, at most a warning. That's what I mean!".

"Well, it's not that I'm not convinced or anything. No matter how high tech the world becomes, boys all over the world more or less still become adults through such experiences. Shoplifting in elementary school and shoplifting in high school, both sins carry the same weight".

This is no longer even about seeing the girls changing, he's just forcibly trying to justify his actions.

"Unwillingly giving in, let's say keeping pace with this high tech era, peeping is also filming. But you know, if that's found out, even if you don't get arrested, it's plenty enough to get you expelled you know?".

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"I'm scared of expulsion, like hell I'd peep!".

Ohh---! Sudou and Yamauchi both lifted their arms as such.

"All that's left is you, Ayanokouji. We've come this far, obviously you'll be cooperating, right?".