Online game earning money is frozen

Online game earning money is frozen

To put it simply, if they passed the game in one go with the headwear with little devil horns on without entering the safe house, then the ticket would be refunded in full. Moreover, a certificate would be issued.

It could also be viewed as saving their progress. For example, Ruan Guangjian challenged it twice. Ruan Guangjian would head to the safe house on his second try through a special passage and start over from a specific area.

Lin Wan, Ruan Guangjian, Chen Kangtuo, and the rest were at the safe house, waiting for Teacher Qiao to arrive.

The decoration style of the safe house was much more normal than the setting style for the rest of the game. However, there was still a sense of age. That was to prevent tourists from feeling too comfortable, affecting subsequent visits.

In other words, entering the safe house would naturally relax the player. However, the setting in the safe house would constantly remind visitors that they were still in the Ultimate Horror project. That was just a temporary rest point, not the end of the adventure.

Ruan Guangjian looked at his watch, more than 10 minutes had passed.

The amount of time everyone toured around in the Ultimate Horror project was different. That was because some of these projects needed exploration.

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For bold people like Ruan Guangjian who walked fast, it would take a shorter time. If one was a cautious and indecisive type, the overall timing would be longer.

At the same time, the staff would closely monitor everything through real-time surveillance cameras.

On the one hand, it was to ensure that the passenger flow was not congested because some projects could only be experienced by one person at a time so they would only let more people in when the other was done with it.

On the other hand, it was also to ensure that the staff could rescue the tourists as soon as possible if they were to give up.

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“He wouldn’t give up halfway, right?” Ruan Guangjian was a little worried.

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Everyone came to the safe house because they wanted to welcome the exhausted Teacher Qiao when he arrived, to cheer him on so that he could finish the game as soon as possible.

However, it would be awkward... if Teacher Qiao did not persevere to the safe house.

Chen Kangtuo thought for a while. “It should not be. The Ultimate Horror experience was personally adjusted repeatedly by me. I have also limited what the staff could do so the early stages are not so scary. Teacher Qiao has the golden lantern with him so it would make no sense for him not to reach the first save point.”

“But isn’t he taking a bit too long?”

The second save point of the safe house was pushed open as everyone discussed.

Qiao Liang’s face was pale. He stubbornly held the golden lantern in his hand. He let out a sigh of relief after seeing the scene in the safe house.

I’m saved!