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The staff member fired off the pistol for the last time, the sound echoing out across the beach. And with it, the two girls burst into action, arising from the sand simultaneously. The opening movement was truly evenly matched, but the similarity between them only went that far.

Not only did Nanase take the first step after getting up, but she propelled herself forward with a strength far superior to that of Tokunaga. And then, after a short sprint, she dove, cleanly wrenching the flag out of the sand as she did.

Tokunaga had been skilled enough to make it all the way to the final match, and given that she also had a flawless opening, she must’ve realized the difference between herself and Nanase. A difference so apparent that she couldn’t even feel resentful about it, left only to smile bitterly with traces of astonishment in her expression. In the end, she asked Nanase for a handshake, paying due respect to the victor two years her junior.

After leaving to wash off all the sand from her body and swimsuit, Nanase returned with her participatory bottle of water in hand.

After fighting three fierce battles in this sweltering heat, a cold drink of water was probably just what her body needed.

“That was a landslide victory.”

With the competition finished, I went to Nanase’s side and spoke up to her as she rested.

“Thank you very much. I managed to get through it somehow.”

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Her shoulders were moving up and down to some extent and she was definitely at least somewhat short on breath, but overall, I got the impression that she hadn’t really put forth that much effort. In fact, it seemed to me that she had won with strength and energy to spare. In a contest between a first-year student and a third-year student, it may seem at first glance that the first-year is at a disadvantage. Generally speaking, however, girls reach the full potential of their physical capabilities at a relatively earlier age. As a result, there was probably no real difference in the athletic capabilities of a girl at 15 or 16 and a girl at 18. The primary factor influencing the outcome would have to be prior experience in the sport at hand, but in the case of Beach Flags, that wasn’t something that many teenage girls would have.

No─ was there even any point in trying to analyze it like this? The fact of the matter was that Nanase Tsubasa’s true Physical Ability rating was higher than what the OAA reflected. We had been told that the incoming first-year students would have their ratings evaluated based on their performances during their third year of middle school, but we were already well into the start of summer.

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It had already been so long since the start of the year, and yet Nanase was still maintaining a B+ rating.

To me it seemed like she was more than capable of getting an A- rating or even an A, but…

“U-uhm, Ayanokōji-senpai?”