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“By the way, what happened? Amanocchi only had the experience of getting his lips taken away by girls twice. Yet, you’re already acting like a harem MC now? Disgusting. …I bet you’re the type to say ‘I’ll have the usual’ at a restaurant you visited twice only.”

“Why am I on the receiving end of such unreasonable complaints!? I’ve already said this many times before! I wasn’t even chilling like an adult when Chiaki kissed me, okay!?”

“Well, what were you thinking then when Hoshinocchi kissed you?”

“My heart wouldn’t stop pounding, of course-“

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Just as I’m about to retort, I saw Aguri-san’s mischievous smile. …I finally realized that this is a trap. I cleared my throat and drank my coffee.

Aguri-san’s staring at me arrogantly with her evil smile.

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“Hehehe, your heart wouldn’t stop pounding, Amanocchi. When Hoshinocchi, …hehe?”

“W-What do you mean!? I-It’s natural for a boy to feel that when an adorable girl kissed-“

“Ah, you just said adorable, right? Right? You just said Hoshinocchi is adorable, right?”

“Ha, and you still call her your rival, Amanocchi? HA? HMM?”

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“Damn, …you’re like an annoying relative…!”

Aguri-san kept tormenting me as she finished her black tea at once. She asked again.

“But, if that’s the case, why was Amanocchi so calm at the time?”

“Well, instead of saying calm, …it’s just that the other feelings are much stronger.”

“Other feelings? Ah, like you were angry that someone did that to you in front of Tendou-san?”

“Ah, …it would be great if that’s the only feeling. …In reality, it’s the opposite.”