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However, one could never be too careful.

Therefore, he had to block off this route early on!

Let Ma only talk about the shortcomings of these products, not the advantages. There wouldn’t be any brand stupid enough to take the initiative to pay for that right? Wouldn’t that be idiotic?

Who would send their stuff to be criticized?

There could be no perfect products in this world. One could always find shortcomings if one wanted to.

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Therefore, this time, it could be said to be triple insurance.

This model of live commerce was immature, and it would take at least five or six years before it would be recognized and accepted by the market. It was unlikely that Old Ma would cause any ripple.

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Just talk about the shortcomings but not the advantages so it would be impossible for the brands to pay him.

Criticizing other products would not necessarily bring a good reputation. Many fake reviewers did that to others, which was viewed very poorly. They would definitely offend a lot of manufacturers enough for them to retaliate.

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It was exactly this kind of thing that was said to be thankless.

Wasn’t that pretty good?

It was better than Boss Ma publicizing Tengda’s own industry and new products.

If the effect was good, he could even get Ma Yang to criticize their own products.