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I thought about seeing her and giving my reply right away, but the grueling uninhabited island exam had just ended. It’s okay to let her spend some time regaining her strength and having some fun with her friends.

Since the message wasn’t read yet, I turned off my phone for now.

I decided to see what my roommates, Miyamoto Soshi, Ryoutaro Hondou, and Miyake Akito, would do.

“Hey Ryoutaro, I heard the exam results were announced. Want to go take a look?”

“Hmm…pass… I can’t walk, I’m a wreck. Right now I just want to lie in my bed…”

Not only was he tired, but it was understandable that this bed would take away his energy to move.

The temptation of the bed was too much for all of us, including me.

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Hondou, who was particularly exhausted, turned weakly to his left and showed his back.

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“You’ve been like that since yesterday.”

“I felt like dying when I moved and I really wanted to eat, but I couldn’t get it down my throat.”

With his back to me, he covered his head with the futon and curled up.

For now, he just wanted to lie down and sleep it seems.