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“I don’t think there is anything wrong with the Gamers Club. Or rather, I think everyone in it is very respectable. All of them are shining so brilliantly. From the bottom of my heart, I feel that the Gamers Club was like the Baseball Club, Soccer Club and the other sports club, worthy of the status of ‘proper club activities’.”

“That’s right. Everyone training hard together to aim for a higher goal. That is the right way to approach gaming right?”

“Yes, that’s true. Improving oneself through hard work will let you experience the true joy in gaming… I think, you can achieve that result in your Gamers Club.”

“S-Since you understand, then let’s join the Gamers Club together…”

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Tendo-san looked at me as if she was looking for support… But why did she want to invite me so badly? Someone like me wasn’t valuable at all.

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And so, even though her sincere invitation made my heart ache… Even so, for the ideal I refused to give in… I showed her the screen on my phone, and expressed my feelings completely honestly.

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“But I am sorry. I still prefer to play games happily… It seems impossible to do that in the Gamers Club where we spar and train with each other.”

“! I really… don’t understand… Didn’t you just say that training is the right way…”

“Ah, yes, that’s why I wholly acknowledge that way of enjoying the game.”

“... Then…”

Tendo-san reacted as if she completely didn’t understand. I grabbed my shoulders and groaned as I sought out a way to express myself in an easier to understand way.

“Eh, that… Right, I have a very cool and excellent little brother.”

"…… What?"

Tendo-san turned stiff. To be frank, her eyes started to show the emotions of being dumbfounded. But even so… I still struggled to convey my messy thoughts to her.

“Actually, I don’t have much interest in common with my brother, and didn’t talk much. Think about it, I am so incompetent, and couldn’t do something that showed the dignity of a big brother… H-However, you might laugh at this, when the two of us play video games together, we could laugh like idiots happily… Even if we encounter anything unhappy in school… That doesn’t change.”

“And so, Tendo-san, video games to me… Well… I know that my attitude towards gaming would be lectured by you, Kase-senpai or Oiso-senpai, and is not anything worth complimenting… However, I still treat it as my safe harbour, something I can find comfort in, a medium for a bum like me to use to interact with others… That’s why I hope to keep video games as something that would give salvation to my soul… keeping the most important ‘entertainment’ effect of it.”

“Ah~~... T-Think about it, just like a player whose goal is to make it into Kōshien or turn pro, and another who just wanted to vent their stress in the baseball batting cage… like the difference between them?

Oh no. Was my language skill too lousy?