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Turning his back on me, the older Horikita began walking back to his room.

"It's about that thing you've been wanting to know but.....the student council can exert an influence on the special exams. Things like modifying the rules and penalties. Because they're supposed to represent the students' point of view and their opinions. But it's not like they can do whatever they want".

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After answering my question, the older Horikita left.

"He might lose".

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Before I realized it, I ended up muttering that. No, I suppose 'lose' isn't the best way to put it. The older Horikita won't make any mistakes. He'll properly manage his group and overcome this. He won't slip up.

It's just.....even so, it's clear that this alone isn't all there is to it.

Starting with this exam that kicked off the 3rd semester, a major change might be at hand.

In the midst of the other classes moving onto reconnaissance, there were small movements in Class D too. So-and-so are good at what or who is athletic or not. That sort of information is present everywhere. The majority have already begun to realize this but there is very little meaning to direct reconnaissance. Just by ascertaining the degree of someone else's athleticism to one's heart's content, ultimately the key to victory lies in the combination of partners for the contests. Information alone is not worth much.

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Unless you know the contents of their participation table, which is the essence of it all, it won't lead to victory over the other classes. However, vice versa if we can acquire information on their participation table, it would be a great help towards defeating them. And if we can acquire both the 'participation table' and 'information', then our chances will rise drastically.

But as a rule of thumb, the participation table is not shared with the other classes. And since it would be equivalent to strangling themselves should it leak, thorough control of the information is likely.

The one exception.....would be Class D that's carrying a bomb internally though. One week before the sports festival. I made my move as soon as classes were over. I called out to Horikita, who was packing up her things beside me.

"Please accompany me for a bit after this".

"If I said no?".