Make money online is not true

Make money online is not true

He had to jump out of this trap if he wanted to earn less money.

Of course, Ghost General had also jumped out of this trap. However, it had gone a little overboard and taken a different path.

Ghost General only had one entry requirement for purchasing games and a permanent membership card. In fact, it was equivalent to turning games with paywalls into a buyout system.

There was nothing strange about the buyout system in itself, but it was very unique among the mobile games that forced people to spend money. That was why it stood out.

The reason was that Ghost General did not actually have a very good area to categorize these three types of gamers. Instead, it proposed a solution that was especially friendly to most gamers. It was really worth it. That was why it achieved the effect of ‘small profits but quick turnover’.

Of course, the key was still the restrictions of the system.

Pei Qian could not directly set the game as ‘completely free’. Instead, he wanted it to have a theoretical possibility of making profits. Thus, if there was no internal purchase, he had to set a higher threshold for purchase. If he wanted to enter without a threshold and for free, the pitfall of internal purchase had to be deeper.

This undoubtedly increased the difficulty of incurring losses.

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Pei Qian felt that he had to pay attention to two things this time in order to prevent the tragedy of Ghost General from happening again.

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First of all, he could not set a buyout threshold. If he said that it must really be free. He had to allow ordinary players to play the game without spending a single cent. This way, they would be completely paying for free There would not be “small profits but quick turnover”.

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Secondly, they had as much as possible to eliminate players’ desire to consume while the pit of in-app purchases was relatively deep.

The reason why other games liked to carry out so many lucky draws was actually to use the randomness of the lucky draw to deceive players, making players pay far more than their actual value for rare heroes and rare items.

The lucky draw system was something to make an issue out of it if he wanted to curb the players’ desire to spend.

Pei Qian quickly had an idea. He said to Chang You, “Make both shopping mall and lucky draw for the internal purchase of ‘Fitness Battle’.”

“”All products should be marked clearly in the mall. At the same time, the corresponding probability is determined according to the rarity in the lottery system, allowing players to choose freely.””

“The quality-price ratio of the lottery is about 0.8. That means that players can only get about 80 yuan on average if they spend 100 yuan on the lucky draws.”

“Of course, this would definitely not meet the expectations for some European emperors.”

“The platform in the background will record the amount of each recharge of the player while the player recharges and wins the token lucky draw, the lucky draw result and the total value of these prizes. A new cycle will start every day from midnight to 23:59. If the player interested in the lucky draw in this cycle was not satisfied with the result, they can apply for a refund directly through the refund button. The system will automatically deduct the prize and refund, but the condition is that the player can no longer make any recharge for the next three days.