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“I say again, seal the pact with Lady Kron. Do that, and I will allow thee live as thou wish. The barrier enshrouding this land will also be brought down. That is all to it. As a man, does thou know how much it means to be able to embrace such a being?”

“I know how much it means, and I am a man, so I do have those desires. But in this regard … I don’t think so.”

The answer is obvious.

As things are, I will not let everything go according to Jamdi’el’s wishes.

That’s what I, and Tre’ainar, really want.


Are you sure you want to fight? I can show nothing better than this in reply.

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“… fool! If only thou would stay silent and be a stallion!”

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“Look at the other person before you speak. I’m not a horse, am I?”

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“A rampaging horse. Well, in any case… I shall put the reins on thee.”

Jamdi’el bared her bloodlust.

The other side is going to come forward with violent intent.

『You know what to do, child.』

Yes. I know. What I need to do.

“Come, then! I’ll have thou experience it, the power of the proud Six Supremacy. And of my Heraldic Eye――――”

“Later! 【Great Demon Sprint】!”