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Ah, what is this? This nostalgic feeling. When Sadiz found an ero-book I was hiding, didn’t she make me sit on the floor and give me a lecture?

“However, it was inappropriate for you to say that in public like this, wasn’t it?”

“Y, yes!”

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Ah, when I noticed, my body… my instinct naturally pushed me, and I sat on the ground.

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No. When I was drunk last time, I didn’t remember much, but now I’m reasonably conscious.

Because I’m scared.

“Sadiz, th… that’s different!”

“Yes? Little man… what’s the difference?”

Ah damn ah damn ah damn! Sadiz was quite angry… anyway, I have to apologize and somehow dodge the issue!

“You know, I, I was a little drunk when I said that… but I’m all right now! Yes, I’m sorry!”


“Th, that old promise, it’s got to be a joke. After all… something like, b, boo… even if you don’t… I’ve received your full feelings!”

“”””Ah, suddenly he’s a wuss…””””

Shut uuuuuup! I mean, in this situation, that’s all I can say—―――

“Little man”