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It seems whenever Satou has something she truly means to ask, her nervousness hits its peak. Whether this is something that only happens when the opposite sex is involved, or whether this is how she usually acts is unknown. However, she seemed to firm her resolve and spit out her words......but then closed her mouth again.

It's probably something that's harder to ask than her previous question.

"What type of girl does Ayanokouji-kun like?".

Before Satou's words came out, Karuizawa beside her asked me that question.

"I-I'd like to hear about that too".

Satou agreed too as if piggybacking off of it. Satou did not complain about having her question interrupted. I wonder if by any chance, she was going to throw the same question at me.

Could it be that this double date is not just a mere coincidence, it's starting to seem that way. I did vaguely sense it from the start but it seems I should interpret this as being a set up. In any case, I need to answer the question. My type of girl, huh?

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"'s somewhat difficult to answer".

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Satou, who was looking at me with glittering eyes and Karuizawa who was glaring at me. And Hirata, who was looking at me, seemingly entertained. Those were the looks of those three individuals.

"The genki type......someone like that?".

That was a word that I earnestly had to wring out of myself but hearing it now as my preference, it sounds dubious. Since there were many girls who could be considered the genki type, I chose that word with the intention of not causing any damage here but it didn't go as I had thought it would.

"Surprising. I didn't think Ayanokouji-kun would be into that kind of girl".

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Could it be, Satou and Karuizawa aren't genki type girls? I can safely say they're not the Horikita type but Kushida and Ichinose too are the genki type......right?

"Could it be that Ayanokouji-kun thinks there are only two types of girls, the genki type and the quiet type?".

It can't be, such a sharp statement came from Karuizawa.

"Is that true?".