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“Yes, we are...”

With a bitter smile at each other, I carry my backpack.

“But... that routine was my happiness too...... Making fun of Little man...... so cute... But for Little man, I might simply be an annoyance.... Even if Little man didn’t want it anymore...... at least...... once again, just to meet and talk... say farewell in this way...... That’s it!”

Yes, now it’s more about action than depression.

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“Let’s go, Mamu.”

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“Yes. The princess will be waiting.... Even if it is...... I didn’t think the princess could come up with such a bold strategy....

Yes, it was all the princess’s plan.

An idea from the princess who rushed into this mansion in search of Little man who had disappeared.

[S1] Okaaayyy! So that was on the table this whole time.....

[S2] I demand Fan Art!! Rule 34 this right now!!!!

[S3] Aaaannnd she was doing research! Hold up! For all her teasing him about being a virgin, doesn’t this mean she’s still one too?

[S4] Considering who that ‘future’ would have involved....

[S5] Hey, the guy has a type!!

[S6] And she still had the gall to call him out on it. Pretty sure the princess has amassed a collection as well.

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