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Kushida pointed out this unexpectedly, and she was convinced I would accept it obediently. Regarding Horikita. I saw her smiling several times like she wanted to fool the other party but that was nothing more than a smile of courtesy.

“I’ve never seen Horikita’s smiling face. But I smile, right?”

“I’ve seen your bitter smile but…I’ve never seen you smiling from the bottom of your heart or roaring with laughter. Or you just didn’t show it to me?”

I glanced to her a little displeased. Yes, this time my heart beat fast too. My pulse suddenly raced/increased.

While we’re still on this desert island, a lovely scent tickled my nose. I got embarrassed and I averted my eyes.

“It seems like it’s all genetic. The difference between a person who laugh often and a person who doesn’t”

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“Uhm…I don’t like this kind of reason. Even if it’s true”

Well, that’s not all. There’s also the possibility that the environment, in which one is mainly brought up, influenced this kind of thing.

“Should we try practicing once? How about that? Smile”

“For the time being, let’s start with the center of this area”

Said Horikita.

“Eh? Laughing practice?”

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“How long do you feel like travelling? We decided already that we need to find food”

Horikita put Kushida in her place with a strong tone and a flat refusal. And immediately she fired instructions to deploy the people for the search.

“Two persons should search without acting alone. Beware of that. Let’s go Ayanokouji-kun.“

Being called, I started walking with Horikita.

“A-… Au…”