What can I sell on the Internet?

What can I sell on the Internet?

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Pei Qian did not do this. In any case, when the time came, he would just rewind the video.

Finally, he had to record his conclusion.

“That was a review of the Pineapple 4 cell phone. I’m going to remind Pineapple 4 to transfer the payment to my personal bank account.

“This has been Hardcore Reviews. See you in the next episode!”

Once he finished filming everything, Pei Qian downloaded a random editing software. He used it to cut some raw footage out and then added the introduction at the start of the video. Finally, he added the rewound footage.

Pei Qian rendered the video and watched it once through.

There was a very big problem with it. Boss Pei was very happy.

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Pei Qian logged onto Aili Island and registered for a new account named ‘Hardcore Reviews’. Then, he uploaded the video.

“Alright, pack up!”

Pei Qian put the piece of paper and spectacles away neatly so he could use them for the next recording

There were still nineteen episodes to go. He would unbox a digital product for each episode and do exactly what he did for the first episode. The twenty episodes would be easily completed. Finally, he would be able to relax and spend the two hundred thousand yuan!

After that, we left the Magic Swordsman Association, and looked at the three request forms for the time being.

「Goblin, ogre, and chimera… I know the minimum information from rumors and pictorials, but I have never seen the real thing…」