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How to use copy paste to make money online

This group of people had already been resettled and returned to their workstations. Cold-Faced Lady’s shop should be able to open soon and start operating normally.

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Of course, Dream Realization Ventures had also taken out a sum of money for the operations of Cold-Faced Lady’s shops.

He Desheng asked, “Boss Pei, are we still doing the marketing activities that Cold-Faced Lady did previously?”

Previously, Meng Chang had been spending money like water. It was mainly because he had spent too much on marketing. He had bought all sorts of hot searches, advertised, and booked a venue for a speech.

If it was just subsidies to maintain the daily operations of the shop, the spending would be quite slow.

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Pei Qian pondered for a moment and said, “Let’s set everything aside for now and think about it at length.”

It would be faster to continue spending money on these marketing activities, the boss of the Cold-Faced Lady had now changed from Meng Chang to Tengda. Considering Tengda’s influence, if they were to really publicize it, it might have some unknown impact on the Cold-Faced Lady.

Thus, after some thought, Pei Qian decided to observe the situation first. It had not been easy for him to find something that could steadily incur losses. He did not want to lose it as soon as he took over.

What’s more, many marketing activities could not be done without Meng Chang. Take the speech for example. Pei Qian could not possibly take it up himself. That would be ridiculous.

He Desheng hesitated for a moment and said, “Boss Pei, the other marketing activities are easy to deal with. The only thing is that there is a ‘Street Food Contest’. We have spent a lot of effort to find some vendors from all over the country. The competition will be held next week. Do you think we can still hold this competition?”

Pei Qian was stunned.

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A Street Food Contest?

This Meng Chang was quite capable. How did he come up with such a marketing idea?

Pei Qian immediately thought of Meng Chang’s intention: He wanted to invite vendors from all over the country to make some delicacies to serve as contrasts for the cold-faced lady. This would definitely be a good topic and the advertisement would not be bad.