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Also, at this point, we’re sure that…


I slowly stood up from the chair. As for Aguri-san, ….she gave me a smile that said she admitted defeat and looked at me.

“I guess so.”

Aguri-san tried her best to speak up casually. I turned away from her smile and answered.

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“This is already not…a scene that Aguri-san’s male friend Keita Amano can tangle with, right? Uehara-kun should be the person to do it, …or, from a simple gaming perspective, Tendou-san should challenge her instead.”

“Yes, Amanocchi, it’s exactly like what you said.”

Aguri-san nodded and agreed as she stood up as well. After that, she quickly handed me my bag and coat from the corner of the room. Then, she even smiled and said, “Here.”

“Amanocchi, go home now before Main-nee-san returns.”

“Even though I’m sorry, things are better this way. It’s for our love.”

“Yeah, of course, it would be terrible if Amanocchi’s lips are robbed away. I also feel that, …yeah, we should tell apart personal issues from the public ones at first hand. It’s right to ask my boyfriend to intervene.”

“Exactly. I feel like I shouldn’t intrude on Uehara-kun’s responsibilities. …It’s for our love.”

“Yeah, it’s for our love.”

Both of us just smiled at each other peacefully. I feel like…I have never expected our interaction can grow to this point in the past. If it were us a while ago, we would do something dumb without giving it any thought. …However, at this point, we know when to back out.

Anyway, the one thing that we’re sure of is that we’re both “mature” already.