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Of course, I could infer this was largely related to the special exam.

“Alright, how about meeting near the southern entrance of Keyaki Mall at half-past four?”

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That was all we said to each other.

It didn’t seem like it was something we could talk about here.

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After all, the students heading off to club activities and returning home were constantly walking past us.

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I had been planning to meet up with Keisei and the others after school today, so I had to tell them that I was going to be a little late. Hirata seemed to be busy talking with his friends for the time being, so I decided to head to Keyaki Mall ahead of him.

(Part 4 End)

After leaving the classroom, I immediately headed toward the front entrance of the school.

On the way, I happened to come across Class A’s Sakayanagi Arisu. I could see Kamuro standing beside her.


On guard, Kamuro’s body stiffened up.

However, as usual, Sakayanagi didn’t show any changes. She kept herself composed with relaxed, calm movements.